Do you feel it?

Excitement for school ending and graduation celebrations, family gatherings and outdoor barbecues is all around us. Memorial Day has come and gone marking the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.

For many business owners, there’s a natural energy shift that parallels the summer anticipation of a change in schedule.

This natural shift can come at a time when things have become a bit sluggish. New and refreshing possibilities are available which adds some “vacation” like fun and relaxation to the ordinary business routine.

So, it’s summertime, how do you re-energize your business and “have it made in the shade?”

In this article…

I’ll provide 4 ideas for re-energizing your business by asking you to take inventory of what you have going on in your business… kind of like a business check-up.

Come on, this will be fun…

#1– Take inventory of what is and isn’t going well, helpful resources and schedule changes–SWOP

It’s an obvious place to start. Good for you if you already keep a schedule of quarterly goals and metrics to provide feedback. For the fun of it…

  1. Take out a sheet of blank paper and draw a vertical and horizontal line in the middle to form 4 quadrants.
  2. In the upper left quadrant write as quickly as possible 5 things that you feel good about in your business—label this quadrant- Strengths
  3. In the upper right quadrant write down at least 5 things you don’t feel so great about in your business—label this quadrant- Weaknesses
  4. In the lower left quadrant, list 5 resources available to you and your business and label this quadrant– Opportunities
  5. In the lower right quadrant write Plan. What are the next steps toward making the opportunities work to enhance your strengths or add muscle to a weakness. Which one or more did you choose? What will you do and when will you start? To whom will you be accountable? What will your reward be?

Do this quickly… 25 minutes top! Then dedicate an amount of time each day to work. I’m scheduling an hour every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to organize my home office. If I’m inspired to do more… I will, but a minimum of an hour is booked and finished by 2 pm.

My reward– Extra time reading a favorite novel… like mentioned in #2. Can’t wait to get started!

#2—Take inventory of the books you have and choose to read several over the summer. If you have a library nearby, go visit! Great way to share time with the family.

A client asked me the other day what books I’m reading. What a great activity that serves my idea of personal development, leisure and fun!

My 2017 summer picks…

I do enjoy a good novel, so I’m going to use my gift card from the book store I frequent to purchase John Grisham’s Rogue Lawyer and I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver Stephen King’s,On Writing!

What are you choosing to read this summer?

#3— Take inventory of your services to clients/customers and boost your offerings to meet customer needs even if that means you have to stretch outside your comfort zone.

As a favorite guru said in his blog about the “business of marketing/selling to clients” recently…

The biggest thing you can do, the most powerful act of love, the best-selling move is to know them …

Critical to his idea as I understand it is a deep appreciation and curiosity you bring to what is happening with your client. It is an energy that comes from a loving place– a beautiful place to be. This means you’re reaching out to your loyal clients (maybe the reticent clients too) and listening to their situation to learn more about their desires, dreams, things they hate, struggles to overcome and wins to celebrate and duplicate.

And maybe the stretch you’re making is kind of refreshing for you too! It could be sharing some resources like an introduction to a yoga teacher who is starting a new class, volunteering to help the client move, sending them a Starbucks something ON YOU or better, meeting them for a cup somewhere just to be with them.

So energizing, don’t you think?

#4— Take inventory of your mindset and clear the way for having the right intention from the start of any client/customer conversation.

I think idea #3 won’t be effective unless you’re genuinely detached from the outcome.

To be truly detached, means your intention is pure… you don’t have an “agenda”  to sell or advise… your agenda is to develop a business relationship based on knowing your client/customer.

Only after you have a full understanding of what your client is about do you ask for permission to share ideas generated from listening to the client’s situation.

A favorite message with a book title that says it well: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! 

The message is the same:  The client knows best.

Trim your business mindset to the essentials: It’s all about the client.

The energy is naturally there and the connection can flow.

Feel the cool breeze in the shade?

The takeaway is…

Re-energizing your business is a perfect way to celebrate the summer ahead and insert the natural playfulness and fun, imagination and curiosity the season invites.

Kick back, lighten-up and re-energize your business by taking inventory and “have it made in the shade” this summer.

Need some help with staying accountable for those business dreams you want to make happen? Schedule a “I’ve Got It!” Strategy Session and we’ll get you started on making those big things happen! Do it today!