In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like DIRT.                                                                       –Margaret Atwood


Connecting to Mother Earth is so good.

All of us, no matter our backgrounds, social/financial status, station in life can welcome the crumbly soil between our fingers (and feet), digging in the dirt to plant a row of vegetable seeds or pot some red geraniums.

And that’s what we need when dealing with stressful situations. To come back to earth and be grounded.

Whether it’s a dreaded conversation with a relative who is living with you and challenging house rules, a work dilemma which questions your ethics or a personal betrayal by a friend, business vendor or lover, you need to find your center, your grounding—literally return to your core self—your dirt, so to speak.

In this article, you’ll get four strategies which help ground you so you can deal with stressful situations.

Let’s start digging in the DIRT:

#1– Dialogue and discover.

Sweet release. Talking it through. Whether with another person or in a journal. Use your words to describe your feelings, thoughts and concerns. Do both. Talk and write. Write and read it aloud.

Whether it comes through as rambling or succinct and organized doesn’t matter. The result is always greater clarity and energy.

And in the process, discovery is possible.

Over 30 years of listening to people, it’s common to hear they just feel better talking through their unique challenge. Sure, there’s always some anxiety when sharing something wrapped in emotions, confusion or unknown. What a relief to share with another human being.

#2– Imagine your feet as the base of a vast tree.

While seated or standing practice the following visualization from Jana Smallwood’s post:

Imagine your feet as the base of a vast tree…

-roots growing thick and deeply penetrating the earth from your feet going as deep as you can

-down deep into the soil, anchoring you to the very core of our planet


– all of Mother Earth’s energy flowing back up through the system of roots, reaching your feet and flowing, growing, nurturing you all the way up your body until it’s reached your fingertips and scalp

-the energy now flowing back and forth, strengthening, branching out flourishing with leaves, growing, searching out nutrition from the sun

You are the tree. Your mind holds the growth possibilities


-how you take all this energy and nutrition and follow it down throughout your body back into the root system fuller of vitality. The energies form a loop and all old or stagnant energy is replaced.

You feel renewed.

Here’s a cool video about grounding:


#3– Relax and surrender to the moment.

And in the moment relax.  Be present. Seek wholeness, not perfection. Everything doesn’t need to happen just right, just now.

The truth is– it won’t.

Seeking wholeness embraces out entire self- flaws and all that’s strong and put together. That’s grounding because you don’t have to be perfect. You’re human.

#4– Trust that you’re enough.

To be grounded means you are solid with who you are, you are sure of yourself, you have confidence in your decisions… you trust yourself.

You can trust you’re enough. Perfectly imperfect.

No doubt you have a lot figured out and have some rough edges.

We all do.

And I say, isn’t that great?

But do yourself a favor when overwhelmed, uncertain and stressed– practice strategies to come back to earth and ground yourself.

You can dig through the DIRT, dialogue and discover, imagine the energy flowing through you, relax so you can surrender to the moment and trust that you’re enough. They are all grounding.

Yeah Margaret Atwood, gotta love the smell of DIRT!

I’d love to know:  What helps you stay grounded?

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