Need a perk-me-up? 

Feeling challenged by a relationship issue at home or work? Are you managing news of a company lay-off or your best friend’s decision to move out of state? Feeling stuck and uninspired personally? Experiencing bouts of overwhelm, resistance or confusion?

Living is about navigating change, transitions, ups and downs in relationships and the plethora of feelings humans can experience.

There’s no better time than now to use your strengths. They are the quick and easy perk-me-up you need. (And they are with you where ever you go!)

So, get ready to choose a strength– any strength and go after that life challenge.

Here’s how you do it:

#1- Perk-Me-Up– Choose the VIA (Values In Action) Character Strengths Survey.

If you haven’t, please take the free VIA Character Strengths Survey.

=>Go to and register.

=>Find and complete the free VIA Character Strengths Assessment.

=>Immediately receive your top 5 VIA Character Strengths. Smile. 🙂

=>Go ahead and get your total 24 VIA Character Strengths.

Store your registration information so you can go back and review you survey results. Make a copy of the your 24 VIA Character Strengths and keep it nearby.

#2- Perk-Me-Up– Choose one of your strengths to help with your challenge.

Think of a current personal challenge at work or home. How could you use one of your top 5 strengths to help? For example:

Jane got the feedback by others (including managers at work) that she is a top producer and problem-solver. She is specific and focused.

Yet people experience her as more negative than necessary. Jane wants to change that impression.

Jane’s top 5 VIA Character Strengths are: love of learning, perspective, curiosity, self-control and courage.

Using her strength of self-control and self-regulation Jane decided to monitor her negative behaviors.

One of them was complaining. She decided to wear a rubber bracelet and take the challenge to go for 21 days without complaining. Every time she complained she had to start over by putting the band on the other wrist.

Nice. Jane reports she didn’t realize how often she was spreading negativity by complaining. Her team members are inspired to follow her lead.

You can read more about Jane’s 21- Day challenge in this article, Do This And Stop Complaining.

Nifty tip:

Did you know that research tells us that when people use their strengths at work they tend to experience work as more MEANINGFUL?

By meaningful I mean work that takes on a kind of significant, purposeful, important, useful quality. (Basically good stuff!)


#3- Perk-Me-Up– Choose a strength to enhance.

When I took the VIA Character Strengths survey for the first time, I was surprised gratitude was number 16. Since gratitude is one of the few strengths strongly correlated to happiness, I chose to increase that strength.

So, I became deliberate about expressing gratitude. Wherever I was, at work or home, walking in the park or grocery shopping, I noticed opportunities to say thank-you.

It was great. I was great-full. I didn’t realize how empowering it could be.

Which strength are you going to enhance?

So, now you know about your strengths.

Be deliberate about using them so you can tackle personal challenges at work or home with greater ease.

Need a perk-me-up? You’ve got 24 strengths waiting to happen.

What strength will you choose to help you today?

I’d love to know: How do you use your strengths?

Need more perk-me-ups? Contact me today. Let’s put our strengths together and make it happen. Find me at mary@marycoaching or

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