This is how my amazing morning went…

Mornings are MINE… my time. I’m the only one up. This morning didn’t go like I wanted. It’s now 7:30am. I’ve been up almost 2 hours. Getting a later start than planned for walking. Frustrated.

Returned from my morning walk. Favorite music still in my ears. It’s 8:15am. It was a beautiful 62 degrees and I would have loved walking longer, but had to get back. Feeling so much better though.

I made breakfast for Robert and turned my attention to a phone call I needed to make… part of my frustration earlier. Waved goodbye to Robert while on the phone trying to resolve the problem with the IT person. Minutes later, problem solved.

Texted Robert a kiss… got to make up for missing our goodbye ritual while on the phone… he kissed back. 🙂  Feeling loved and content.

Already 9am. I’m listening to messages left on my voice mail and looked at the time. I have less than 15 minutes to shower, wash my hair and get on the phone for a business conference call. Rushed.

Looking forward to the conference call. I’ll need to leave immediately afterwards to pick up the food trays at the Vietnamese restaurant for the holiday lunch my office is providing for the other business owners in my building. Last minute decision yesterday. Marissa, Gabby and Michelle are helping by reminding people. They’re wonderful. Fun is all around me.

The Simon and Garfunkel lyrics popped into my head… Slow down, you move too fast… you got to make the morning last

Happy little tune. I’m thinking, I love mornings. Why did I let myself get so rushed? I’m going to find the tune on YouTube. Oops… I need to get on the phone… I’m 3 minutes late… my hair is wet… (thank goodness this isn’t a video conference!) A little anxiety sharpens my focus. I’m on the call. I offer an opinion, ask a question. It’s all good.

It’s a new year. Perfect for slowing down and enjoying life… who am I kidding?  If you’re like me, the calendar will fill up with all kinds of neat opportunities or I’ll be looking at YouTube for more songs from the 60’s and rush to make appointments on time… unless I make some conscious decisions to do it differently… working smarter… not harder… and not so rushed!

Slowing down… making the morning last… enjoying more of life’s good stuff… top on my list.

In this article…

I’ll share 7 ways for slowing down, making the morning last and feeling groovy, loving life. Perhaps you’ll join me in the never-ending quest as an entrepreneur to achieve the dream life, rich with work we love and fun living the dream. Less rushed… a helpful way to approach decisions and relationships at work and home.

Here’s how we do it…

#1— Literally slow down by taking breaks more often.

Instead of scheduling back to back, I’m giving myself at least 15 minutes between most appointments. I’m also using a timer to help me stop, for example researching or answering emails, writing blogs, etc.

Another help is to schedule a fun meeting with a friend or meeting a business associate at a new local hangout as a break to get me away from my desk, computer and phone.

#2— Keep the bigger picture in mind with a daily/weekly reading… an efficient way to stay focused, get things done and free up time for fun!

I know an entrepreneur who is good with writing out his vision/intentions in measureable, specific descriptions. He reads them aloud before he makes his weekly goals and commits to specific actions. Then he reads them over daily.

He’s accomplished big things by doing this, including more fun!

#3— Invite someone to hold you accountable to slowing down and other things.

Hire a coach to help you stay true to your vision. I have a couple of spaces open. 🙂

Or volunteer to be accountability partners with another. Then schedule a meeting weekly or email daily your successes and challenges. It works!

#4— Create a list of Things I Must Do and Things I Want to Do. Then schedule both in your day/week.

I’ve moved a want to do to a must do recently… exercise. Planting herbs and flowers is something I want to do. Invoicing and analyzing numbers is something I must do. Being able to walk as long as I like without a care for time, is a want to do.

You get the idea. Schedule daily, like an hour a day or maybe a whole day during the week when you concentrate on your I Want to Do list.

When there’s fun on the schedule, it gives us that needed psychological carrot to get after the must dos of work. Go ahead and sprinkle in some want to dos here and there during the week. Find your groovy combo of must dos and want to dos.

Is your list of Things I Must Do super long and if so, do you need to hire some assistance so you have time for the things you want to do?

Or you can…

#5— Let others help you. There are lots of times saying “no” is needed. This isn’t one of them… more time for slowing down and groovy feelings.

May seem simple yet I resist asking for help.

I said “yes” to an offer at the office from wonderful Michelle, Marissa and Gabby to help do the organizing for the lunch I hosted and clean up later. I’m glad they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Do you need to let others help you more often too?

#6— Designate one meal a day or week where you notice the colors, aroma, texture, and flavors.

It’s about being fully present and using our senses. Too often I’m rushed or working at the same time I’m eating.

Recently a client told me he and his wife agreed to turn off the TV and play soft music in the background while eating so they can talk with each other. Nice.

In the car during rush hour traffic I sometimes play a game of noticing colors, sounds, smells, textures and even tastes… (yes, I have flavored lip balm.) If Robert is in the car, I could bite or kiss his hand. There would be taste…  more sounds too. Wicked fun!

#7— Take the time to be with someone you love. Listen fully. No computer, TV, cell phone on. Give your undivided attention.

Are you taking time to treasure your sweet someone with all your heart, mind and soul?

Relax and be present. Let any other distracting thoughts drift by like the water that flows alongside a canoe moving forward. Look at your loved one and feel their energy. Just let it be.

Be with them and keep your focus with them. Usually this means you are silent. Listen.

The takeaway is…

Be intentional about planning your days ahead so that you’re living the dream life today, taking good care of yourself and others at work and home.

Slow down, take a look at what’s important to you and make the needed tweaks and commitment to follow through… less rushed.

Life I love you, all is groovy.

I’d love to know: What’s your favorite way to slow down? What move puts the groovy in your week?