Do you need a ‘Recombobulation Area’?

After going through airport security an area to get it together is appreciated because you’ve been discombobulated. Shoes here, computer there, which gate,  where? Yea, you get the scene.

But what about other times outside of airport travel when you need to recombobulate? You’ve been undone by several unexpected interactions; a loss of a business contract, news of a friend’s illness worsening, or any personal or professional challenge.

Let’s face it: you’re feeling discombobulated. You need to recombobulate.

Recombobulation: 1) Something being put back the way it was, or into proper working order 2) Gathering one’s thoughts or composure.                                                                                                                          -Urban Dictionary

Here’s seven quick and easy suggestions to include in your recombobulation area so you can get it together emotionally and cognitively. (You’ve got to admit, it’s just fun to say recombobulation.) 🙂

#1– Breathe, drink fresh water and relax.

Give yourself a few minutes to decompress. Lower your hunched shoulders and close your eyes while breathing in to 1 2 3 4 5 and breathing out 1 2 3 4 5.

R E L A X.

You don’t have to have everything figured out right now.

#2– Dangle.

A mother of a young kiddo does this when she is overwhelmed with the demands by her little one. She bends forward from the waist like she is touching her toes and just lets her arms flop around.

A natural pause and usually a few smiles for both mom and kiddo.

Dangling– a new trend for assisting with and communicating overwhelm. (No age restrictions and having a kiddo around isn’t required for it to work.)

#3– Reframe your self-talk.

Write down the messages you’re telling yourself. If they aren’t helpful to you, or encouraging, rewrite them.

  • I’m a failure becomes: This didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but not defeated.
  • I should have known better than to try becomes: Now I know what I can work on.
  • I’ll never get this right becomes: I haven’t got this right YET.

Rewriting negative self-talk becomes an automatic habit eventually.

#4– Put on your walking shoes.

Always have your walking shoes available. Slip those on and go for a walk. If you can’t be outside in nature, walk around inside.

Say hi and smile. It feels good to be on the receiving end of your goodwill.

#5– Listen to music.

Choose a classical piece like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Chopin’s Ballads. Research says it relaxes a person more than any other musical genre.

#6– Seek togetherness.

Spend time with someone you trust.

Share with a friend.

Call your coach for a laser session.

#7– Rest.

Are you getting enough rest? Traveling, dealing with a new schedule or new project, new people or known people you want to dazzle may be good stress, but it’s also tiring.

Make time to transition smoothly with added rest.

Here’s the one takeaway I hope you’ll grab:

Plan time to regroup and restore physically, cognitively and emotionally regularly.

Recombobulate. A fun word for getting it together. Create and use your area today.

I’d love more suggestions for a recombobulaton area. Please share below.

Mary Franz LCSW, PCC  is a couple’s therapist, critical incident responder, and personal strategy coach. Need to talk about a personal or business relationship challenge? Visit her website and ask for a complimentary strategy session.