You’ve said it… heard it or wanted to avoid doing it before… 

Get lost.

Perhaps you were an older brother or sister who wanted your younger sibling to leave you alone… or the unfortunate younger sib who was on the receiving end of the dreaded message to…

Get lost.

You certainly want to avoid getting lost and being late for that very important business meeting across town or missing the connecting flight home because on the way you somehow manage to…

Get lost.

Hold on a minute.

Sure, no one wants to be dismissed from a group, late for a meeting or miss a flight due to getting lost.

Getting lost can suck.

But, what if getting lost  was an adventure. Is getting lost worth considering?

Yep… and here’s the scoop…

In this article… 

You’ll get 3 embraceable reasons to make time to get lost on a semi-regular basis so you can stir up those creative juices and get the inspiration going in both your personal and professional life!

Let’s do it…

#1– Get lost and shake up those oh so familiar routines.

I’m grateful for the familiarity of my routines. I’m sure your routines provide a comfortable predictability and efficiency in your life too.

Yet, the second-nature-automatic feature of routines repeated for months and years can be the kiss of death to spontaneity, flexibility and most importantly– some zip-a-dee-doo-da in your perspective.

There’s a reason the old cliches familiarity breeds contempt and variety is the spice of life make us pause and smile. We smile because we know the truth they tell.

Travelling internationally recently, the get lost factor was personally a concern as I scrambled to figure out terminals and gate locations with limited time. I felt so relieved to discover I hadn’t missed my flight… it was boarding at the next gate. Whew!

SCOOP THIS: Getting lost forces you to look up and around. Your working brain shows up to help you process new information. Your pulse and heart rate increase. You’re alive!

It’s an opportunity to respond to self-doubt with a trust that you will find your way. Be brave.

Taking on a new leadership position, changing careers or finding the love of your life will probably bring some get lost experiences. It isn’t the end of the world if you get lost, make mistakes and turn the wrong way.

#2– Get lost, discover new skills and grow your confidence.

I admit I hate to make mistakes. So as the navigator holding the GPS while my friend was driving (a standard car for maybe the second time) through umpteen round abouts (those circular roads with multiple exits) we messed up and got lost.

I can laugh now… and we laughed eventually after realizing we were driving the wrong way on a road (Thankfully it was Sunday and there was very little traffic.) The terrain was mountainous and the roads steep. Good grief!

SCOOP THIS: Anytime you try something new, there is bound to be some get lost experiences, right? You’re learning. Be aware of the chatter in your head that goes like this:  I can’t do this or I’ll never be able to learn to drive a standard car in the mountains. Change it to: So, driving a stick shift in the hilly, mountainous terrain is scary to me…yet, what if it wasn’t scary and I could do it?

What is the something you fear? What if you didn’t fear it?

#3– Get lost, feel stressedrecover and have fun!

Plan to get lost and have a fun adventure. Give yourself plenty of time to get lost and make a game of it.

Creativity expert Chris Barez-Brown, author of the new book, Wake Up! Escaping a Life on Autopilot says: BREAK HABITS AND FEEL ALIVE.

He suggests getting lost at lunch time by planning to eat at the first restaurant you come to after taking the first and second right.

Sounds like fun, right?

SCOOP THIS: Embracing the unfamiliar and potentially getting lost is available wherever you are. Stress is all around us… getting lost can be stressful. Yet recovery from getting lost is a thought and positive mindset away. Make it work for you. Amazing shift.

Here’s your takeaway…

Get lost and find great energy for your personal and professional life because you’re shaking up familiar routines, discovering and learning new skills, growing your self-confidence and having fun while recovering from the stress.

Plan to get lost... take on a new project, apply for a new leadership position, do something you don’t think you can do.. just give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the adventure!

Ready to adventure into a new area of your career, relationship or business?

I’m your personal strategy coach with a therapy background. I’d love to get lost together in creating more energy for your success.

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