To get to your destination turn around and make a U-turn or as my Boston friends say: bang a uey.

Ah– you’ve arrived.

Are there U-Turns YOU can make along the way to professional and personal success?

They aren’t on the original route when you started– those turnarounds– although you suspected the route may include some challenging twists and turns, mistakes to correct and strategies to add.

And frankly for some of us there’s considerable resistance to turning around and making changes while others of us prematurely make changes before testing the efficacy of the current strategy.

Wherever you are on the change continuum, recognizing the need to make a U-Turn is disruptive yet critical to reaching the desired destination personally and professionally.

Making the decision to turn around or bang a uey is key.

Take a look.

In this article:

You’ll get 2 scenarios for making a U-Turn so you can successfully reach your personal/professional destination.


U-Turn # 1– Turn around, go back, tweak this or that. Come back around again with new energy.

You’re clear on your destination, but it’s taking a long time to see results. That happens in any professional or personal life.

Turn around and put some new activities into your route. Make it fun and/or more challenging.

Here’s some examples:

  • Professionally you’re feeling bogged down by a blog you’re writing. It has helped to take a break, but the flow is missing. You ask a friend to read it for a quick impression. Super easy.
  • Personally you’re feeling down after the holidays and lacking direction. Here are 7 areas that may need some u-turning in your life, or at least a little swerve towards the right direction.
  • Professionally you’re ready for more referrals and you schedule 30 minutes every weekday morning to email or call 3 contacts with a quick Happy New Year! I’m offering this… just wanted to let you know.  I’m curious what you’re doing these days. Kinda neat to get it done in the morning!
  • Personally you want more contact with friends and family.You decide to call or write them on a regular basis and schedule it in your calendar.

If you need to turn around again– so be it– it’s par for the course. Note improvements and challenges. Keep your eye on your destination.

There’s several routes to get there.

U-Turn # 2– Turn around and run like hell. Exit this route. It’s a dead-end.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world [wealth, fame, success], but forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?  — Matthew 16:26

Have you been in a work or personal relationship where you felt a disconnect between words and actions? Responses felt contrived. You felt uncomfortable and distrusting. More than once your efforts to help became an arena to point out your flaws.

I have a theory– Among the many leaders I’ve met are two unsavory types: leaders who are “killers” and leaders who are “evil”. Neither are pleasant– but I’d choose a “killer” over “evil” every time.

I know what the “killer” is about– she wants to win and will crush you if needed– and does so repeatedly. But she can still be impacted and remorseful when confronted directly.

The leader who is “evil”? You never know what she’s really thinking or feeling. She creates an environment where fear rules. She separates herself from others and sends messengers to communicate procedures and mandates. There isn’t any personal exchange or connection to trust– only protocols to follow or don’t bother to say anything– there will be repercussions.

Money often costs too much. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

There isn’t enough money to warrant this destructive kind of work or personal relationship. They both use and manipulate people. One stabs you from the front, the other stabs you in the back.

Turn around now. Save yourself by deciding to exit.

  • Get support. This is a tricky relationship issue and costs (emotionally and financially) plenty. Confide in someone outside your work or home environment whom you can trust. A therapist, coach and/or lawyer are good options for navigating next steps and/or assessing safety issues.
  • Look for another job or additional income stream so you have options. Leaving a position for another is common. Financial independence brings strength and freedom to choose for both personal and professional relationships.

Be true to yourself. Brainstorm options so you can have the confidence to turn around from destructive/toxic relationships. Be the chooser.

Here’s your takeaway:

Personal and professional success is full of potential turnarounds.

Making a U-turn so you can add, tweak or delete strategies is not only necessary but fun.

Turning around and away from toxic people is called integrity.

Need to talk turn around strategies for a personal or professional relationship?

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