This is your chance, you’ve prepared and you’ve got 15 minutes to wow them…

So, the committee hears your demonstration, your “pitch” for the project and you know, deep inside, it wasn’t your best.  You hear the critical chatter inside your head saying, “you forgot  this… you spent too much time on that …and why did you let your nerves get the best of you…yuck, you were kind of robotic…you’re better than that..”

Indeed, you didn’t connect with your audience. You blew it!

Ouch. We’ve all been there as job seekers/crafters, employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Although prepared, the presentation lacked for one reason or another. It could have been an interview on the phone or in person or a written proposal submitted for review. 

End result your work scored lower, you didn’t get passed to the next level and you’re bummed. Your skills and personality didn’t shine.  It feels rough. You’re disappointed.  What now?

In today’s article…

I will present 6 ways to handle disappointment smoothly so you take the best for yourself and move forward. Here they are…

1.  Manage your ego and get over yourself.

Sounds harsh, but it is so true. The notion that you shouldn’t have to go through this because of xyz achievements isn’t relevant. Yes, you’re accomplished and obviously you’ve succeeded, however, even you can have a rough go of it and need to adjust. Perhaps you still can learn a thing or two.  Hopefully you’re willing to put pride aside and get back in there with new determination. Ok…give yourself a hug first, then move on! 🙂

2.  Realize it’s a natural part of getting better.

Although you’re accomplished, maybe it’s been awhile or there were a lot of “firsts” in this particular demonstration. The first time you did it solo, or used technology or interviewed on the phone instead of in person. Anything new has a natural learning curve. Getting better comes as a result of improving on what didn’t go well.

3.  Be kind to yourself like you would be for a friend.

Think about the last time you were disappointed in yourself. How did you treat yourself?  Now, if it was a good friend sharing the same experience you just had, what would you say to her or him? Be your own best friend.

4.  Choose your focus and recommit to the why.

The focus of your attention creates your experience. I say go for the why…return your focus to the bigger dream. If this kind of presentation/skill/activity is important to realizing the dream…focus on the solution to learn a new skill or get back in there to present again and again and again…till it works. Hire a coach to help you if needed.  Know the bigger why you’re doing what you are doing. It’s motivating.

5.  Be consistent with hushing that inner critic.

Have you tried the rubber band around the wrist and snapping it every time your inner critic is slamming you with “you’ll never get this…it’s too late for you…it’s too hard for you… yada, yada, yada”. Pull that rubber band and feel the ouch and watch those thoughts STOP!  I’ve tried it…it works.

A softer idea involves drawing a picture of the inner critic representing those annoying, defeating messages and putting them in the drawer. Time out. It’s choosing something physical and concrete that does the hushing.

6.  Add humor and fun in the process. Take a break from the seriousness of it.

We really do need to believe the studies that say that humor helps. Find the fun in learning and enjoy the challenge. Celebrate your efforts. I like Courtney Seiter’s term, “productive failure” and her idea that “doing things you suck at can still be enjoyable.” They make me pause and smile.

The takeaway is

Disappointment can be the impetus for so much more growth and success. Use it to tighten up those efforts to capture the dream job. Ahh…so smooth.

I’d love to know…

What smooth moves are your favorites?

Let’s smooth out any obstacles in the way of your meaningful work designs.  Sign up for a Love My Work Strategy Session today.  Be intentional and make a decision to take the next step towards having that dream job now.