Are you challenged like my client?

He wrote…

I need to be more motivated to not think about life when I am at work, and not think about work while I am at home.

It’s frustrating because productivity at work and a successful private life (social, family, and personal attention) won’t happen if your headspace is elsewhere. You aren’t at your best and you know it and so do others… at work or home.

You make more mistakes and you’ve lost focus, neglecting goals, haphazardly showing up at meetings or half-listening to your partner’s story; your energy is low and you’re just not fun… at work or at home.

You need R&R.  I’m not talking about rest and relaxation… although it’s hard to truly rest and relax because you’re always thinking… I’m talking about recovering through recharging, which ironically leads to being able to rest well and feel relaxed!

And the biggest R?

Building RESILIENCE… which is all about how you recover through recharging.

In this article…

You’ll get 5 ways to tweak your habits and behaviors so you can recharge and recover with thoughts (and actions) supporting your work life when you’re at work and your private life when you’re at home.

Ready to recharge?

Tweak #1—Focus on what you will DO.

Get into the habit of making personal goals positive. Eliminate any phrase that smacks of negativity or uses phrases like, “I won’t… I’ll stop…”

Instead of I won’t think about my personal life at work anymore, say, I will plan to make a list of tasks to accomplish for the week and review what is most important to accomplish each day.

It is a good use of your energy because your focus is moving forward not busy catching you doing something wrong or unproductive. It’s like eliminating a step.

Be cool— focus on what you will DO.

Tweak #2— Create an environment to support your preferred behavior.

It makes sense to replace sugary yummy stuff with beautiful, colorful fresh salad yummies when you’re wanting to lose 10 pounds. Apply this kind of action to make the work/home environment support your goals.

Here’s how…

If you want to focus on work tasks/goals, keep them in front of you… literally by posting them. Or, choose an image that represents needed attributes like concentration and conciseness (my image is a hummingbird —light, swift, focused, moves in and out, back and forth, fun to watch, and energized.)

This is from 2013… what do you suppose it is now?

An average person turns on their phone 150 times a day!

If they look at it minimally for 1 minute (and that’s a conservative guess), that’s 2 1/2 hours daily! 

For me, technology in my home environment is a big distraction and pulls me into work easily. I need to keep my emergency notifications on, however, I don’t need to know when my favorite people post on Facebook or every time an email arrives. It’s a rule that I don’t look at my phone when I’m in the company of others at home.

What do you need to take away or add to your work or home environment which supports your focus to be at work when you’re at work and attending to your personal life when at home?

Tweak #3— Acknowledge your challenges, look for support.

So here is the personal side of work and home life making a splash.

For my client, his thoughts were around being available to his wife when he was at home. Yet, he was on track for a promotion and had a big new client to onboard which required considerable planning with others.

You should know, he’s a newlywed and kind of happy about that! So, lots of great things in his work and personal life!

Two weeks after he shared his original challenge of thinking about personal life stuff when at work and work stuff when at home , he updated his situation, telling me 3 things that made a positive difference…

  • He decided to leave work at 5 pm everyday. (Which he managed to do 4/5 times in the past weeks.)
  • His wife started her new position so they were both very busy and both needing extra understanding of the other’s schedule.
  • He got an early promotion!

When you acknowledge your challenges, whether it is in a personal journal or to your trusted friend/partner or coach AND remain open for problem solving, you’re way ahead.

Not only are you seeking and getting relief just by owning your truth, you’re inviting solutions… and sometimes they’re pretty darn good!

Tweak #4— Strategically plan to stop.

Just the word strategic sounds important, doesn’t it? Almost scary… in a powerful way.

Strategic—adjective; highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war, a “strategic chess move”; “strategic withdrawal”; “strategic bombing missions.”

When you couple “strategic” with stopping it brings extra-powerful meaning.

Strategically stopping can look like working until you are mentally depleted (which can be 20 minutes or 90 minutes) and shifting your attention to a different project or stepping away from your computer to make a phone call to a colleague or better still, a quick walk to their work-space to take them a cup of coffee!

On your way home, you may designate a no more work phone conversations when you pull into your driveway during the week. The weekends are for your personal life and work emails and phone calls are off limits (or have a designated hour block which everyone at the office knows as well!)

Tweak #5—Let science inform you.

We really do have a lot of research about how we’re wired as human beings, what works and what doesn’t work as well. Of course, you should test it out for yourself and decide (because after all, you are the best resource of YOU).

When researching for this article (and for all the articles I write) I’m AMAZED at how many times I learn something new or need to update my thinking about a subject. Research happens through reading journals and books, as well as listening to interviews on TV or asking questions of my clients or colleagues as well as friends younger and older than me.

Here’s an article that is full of ideas with supportive research: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.

Every day is an opportunity to learn, gain a new perspective, and tweak a current habit.

Recharging is just an article away.

Here’s your takeaway…

Tweak your habits and behaviors to successfully keep your focus at work when you’re at work and not on your private life while keeping your private life yours and not sharing it with work!

You’ve got 5 ways to recharge and focus, build your resilience and have the Work Life/Private Life you desire.

You know it… I’d love to hear from YOU!

Contact me for a free strategy session and let’s recharge your brilliance.

Looking forward to hearing from you!