You are an entrepreneur. You may call yourself a solopreneur, freelancer, small business owner, corporate executive or franchise owner. Your focus is on growth, innovating and moving forward to open a new venture, negotiate a good deal or make a significant difference in people’s lives. Like most entrepreneurs you welcome each and every day with a smile.

Whether you are just starting out or have been an entrepreneur for years, the slump happens. There’s less energy. The focus is missing. The smile is half-hearted.

It’s like being in a forest full of trees which shield the open sky and sunlight. All you see is darkness. Self-doubts slowly creep around like moss on a rock and you’re definitely feeling lost. You actually have a thought of giving up. Yet, a part of you knows that seeing things from the treetops…some open sky and sunshine is needed.

To get out of the muck, you need a clear view.

In this article…

I’ll describe 13 ways you can stir up some energy and climb up to the treetop view and see the bigger picture of your business, mission and life dreams.

Let’s put on some spiffy hiking boots and start climbing. (I have a helicopter on standby in case we need some assistance…I’m just saying… ;)) I can’t wait to see what you discover along the way too!

1–  Know it’s a normal part of the cycle of creativity as an entrepreneur.

Even those of us who have been in business for a while experience sluggishness and blurry vision. The cycle of creativity is like that. You’ve been going along pretty good, then there’s a slowdown and the magic isn’t happening in the way you’re used to…it feels bad…maybe anxiety creeps in…and usually, a little time later the ideas flow, the energy restored…You’re okay after all and it is business as usual.

Remember, it’s normal. The good news is that you recognize it for what it is the next time it happens and know that it is a natural phase of creativity. Keep reading.

2–  Surrender to the slumpiness that you are right now…and then be free to move forward.

Surrendering to the stuck place that you are right now is just the thing to do and then once you’ve stopped fighting it, you can focus your energy on new ideas… Keep climbing.

3–  Put the inner critic in the drawer.

If the little chatter you hear in your head is saying things like, You can’t do that because you might look ridiculous, or foolish, or be wrong, that’s an inner critic. Some people call this a gremlin. Whatever floats your boat…put that voice on paper, in words or draw a picture that represents it and shove it in the drawer and keep it closed. Done. Now, no more distractions.

4–  Check this out…work hard at the important items, skip over the fluff.

Getting customers is probably more important than choosing a brand or logo. Are you spending your energy, time and money wisely? I may enjoy the research part of my business, or taking another inspirational course, yet, time volunteering for a chamber committee or doing activities that generate more conversations with others is more critical to getting customers.

 5–  Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

There is probably 87.999% of entrepreneurs who fail because they were trying to do everything themselves…not a smart way to save money…nor to invest money. (By the way, I made that number up…but it is high and this is an issue to avoid). We’re  getting higher…

6–  Apply the pressure to perform.

When you do have employees, there’s some motivation that occurs when the pressure to perform is increased. The expectation is set and I think it feels like a challenge too hard to ignore. You can do that with yourself too…make the commitment to set a time and date to get things done. Add some urgency by adding more tasks or giving less time to finish. Now, the momentum is on.

7–  Add some zip to your introduction with some added value descriptions.

Rework your introduction and make sure the value of your product and service is known. For example, instead of I’m a financial consultant, say, If you are looking for funding for a better business opportunity, a start-up loan or investment funding, then I’m your next call.  Zipping along now…

8–  Circulate and be known.

Meet and listen to people. You need to be seen and heard too! Let people know the person who is behind the business. Build relationships. Take 5 minutes now and call or text someone to meet for coffee.

9–  Do jumping jacks.

Whoa… this is weird, right?  Did you know you can’t have a panic attack if you do jumping jacks? So, it makes sense that you can’t remain in a slump if you’re doing jumping jacks either. I don’t think it is possible. (But, we may need the helicopter if we get too jumping jack ambitious).

10– Make it a research project.

In graduate school, I learned that whenever you are stumped, it is wise to research. So did Twyla Thorp in her book, The Creative Habit. She suggests that you list 20 things you want to know about whatever it is that has you stumped or puzzled. She suggests asking questions that answer the who, what, when, where and how of the issue. Try it… We’re almost there.

11– Change the scenery and change the perspective.

Yes. Get up, and walk around. Meet a friend for lunch. Play with your kids. Walk the dog. Anything will do… watch a funny movie…just take a much needed break. Come back and check out if you’ve got some new energy. We just need a little more energy to get to the top!

12– Elevate self-care.

Are you eating well and waking refreshed? Exercising too? Getting those necessary medical and dental checkups? What about taking time to enjoy good company and giving and receiving loving kindness? It’s directly connected to your success. Yep!

13– Find a mentor or hire a coach.

All entrepreneurs, at any stage of their business can benefit from the focused cherishing a mentor and/or coach provides. That’s right. You are to be cherished for being you and it has it’s own kind of lasting momentum for staying power when challenged.

Yay! Blue skies, open space, sunshine. Breathe it in.

The takeaway is…

Entrepreneurs can energize and boost their business when in a slump. Get clearer and closer to realizing the bigger picture of your business, mission and life dreams by taking action.

The view from the treetops is pretty darn good.

Please share…What energizes your business efforts?

 I’d love to hear about your journey.  Visit my webpage and let me know you’re available for a complimentary conversation.