Many new entrepreneurs aren’t prepared for the natural drop of enthusiasm after signing on to a new business venture.

There may be a realization that there will be a lot more time to wait before any money is received for all the hours of work. Or perhaps their best efforts to market to the customer’s need didn’t result in the sale… again.  There’s more to learn and resistance shows up.

Discouragement happens. Excitement wanes.

So what can you do to get back some beautiful buzz to your business?

Answer: Inject a big dose of fun to your work processes!  That’s what!

In this article…

We’ll explore the momma of all energizers: FUN. Ask the question: How can I add more fun to this?” and as you decide on tasks/projects, get the personally fun element as a key factor in your decision-making.

Let’s look at how entrepreneurs are abuzz (that’s a word) 😉 with fun…

Tracy is an up and coming millennial who launched a new business selling smartly packaged, delicious, paleo friendly muffin and cookie kits anyone would be happy to give or receive as a gift.

A major part of her marketing is meeting people and providing samples of her delicious, healthy desserts at events. Tracy is on the road a lot traveling to various locations in a big metropolitan city.

She loves to read and has decided to take advantage of all the audio books available and enjoy listening as she drives. FUN!

Leo wants to circulate and network so he’s joining a BP MS 150 bicycle team that rides between Houston and Austin, Texas. This involves training and meeting with his team and other teams regularly.

Not only is he building some new relationships, he’s getting in great shape and contributing to a favorite charity. Triple FUN!

I’m getting out and about meeting new (to me) entrepreneurs  with a goal of learning more about their business experiences, ultimately creating a 2017 Edition of Wisdom from the Entrepreneurial Trenches.

I’m in the company of dynamic business owners, making new friends, and  meeting at interesting, new places like a coffee/tea shop or museum. So FUN!

Getting some ideas about how you can add more fun to your tasks and projects?

Kenn is scheduling basketball time-out fun after his 2-hour block of work. It gets him to stop working and out in the sunshine. Invigorating. Brain-cells are multiplying! Grassy-3 happening!

FUN way to maintain his 2-hour work boundary and transition with some action he loves!

Jill is in transition juggling not only work, but her own newly diagnosed health issue and her niece’s recovery from a serious traumatic injury.

Knowing herself and the love for her family connections, Jill and her partner have decided to move back to their home state to be closer to this niece and family. This move may take up to 6 months to arrange.

Jill has achieved a lot of work success and gives considerably to others in her role as a supervisor. She has declared a “Me Day” where she has hair and nail treatment appointments, perhaps a massage and chilling in a late afternoon matinée… by herself. Electronics off.

During the week, she’s decided to give herself the first 10-15 minutes every morning to do her tea and meditation and schedule the kickboxing workout, which she loves, 3 times a week.

Now, that’s the way to literally Kick-FUN into your schedule! 

The takeaway is…

Adding fun to your schedule of tasks and projects is a sure way to keep the momentum buzzing during those periods when the entrepreneurial excitement wanes.

Get the personal fun element into your decision-making and planning as you accomplish the tasks and projects ahead.

A little sting can make you sing… buzz on!

I’d really love to know: What fun are you adding to your tasks and projects?

Let’s get you into the fun side of work and kick-start your own business happiness and success! Contact me for a I’ve Got This!” Strategy Session. We’ll sit down with our favorite coffee or tea and create some action moves for your business/life.