Here’s how my first day of 2017 became so charming…

I don’t know if it is written down officially anywhere, but I’ve always thought that during the first 2 ½ weeks of January it was okay to greet and close a conversation with Happy New Year! It’s also reasonable to finalize new year intentions, like resolutions or jump on the bandwagon, like I did, and create a theme for the year, something just for me… my secret charm.

As entrepreneurs, we are trailblazing new territory and meeting challenges daily. That’s why I love the idea of a theme for the year. I have mine, and I can tell you it has already popped up and provided a context to lean into, kind of like a safety net to provide a needed bounce up when an unexpected challenge dropped in my lap… the first day of the year.

But first things first…

In this article…

I’ll identify 7 attributes of a theme for the year. Hopefully, by reading this list of 7 you will choose to create a theme of your own to behold.

Let’s see what theme becomes your charm…

#1— A theme is kind of like a motto for the year. It provides a context for events in our lives at work or home.

#2— The theme comes from a place for growth and openness. It’s purposefully vague instead of specific. Examples are: Loving and Having Fun, Building Relationships, On to the Next Step, and Gratitude Leads.

#3— It can represent something desired in life, some learning or experience that’s wanted.

#4— Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while and know you’re ready to give attention to now.

#5— It beautifully fits with your values.

#6— A theme can appear while being quietly contemplative in beautiful surroundings or while walking, running or some other activity like cooking, sewing or doing laundry.

#7— Trust your intuition or your sense of what matters in your life. Let it guide your creation.

So, do you have a theme?

This is my theme: Clearing the Way- Lightening Up.

The theme I’ve chosen has been incubating over the past few months. It’s incredibly meaningful to me on both a personal and professional level.

So, what happened to me January 1? Or put another way, what happened for me January 1?

I woke up at approximately 3:30am with an itchy, swollen left eye. I discovered quickly that light was painful. Several hours later and after taking an over the counter allergy pill, I still couldn’t use my left eye. My vision was impaired so that I couldn’t drive, look at the computer screen, read or watch TV! I was not a  happy camper. I had plans… and they included my eyes!

After considerable grumbling and several, This isn’t how I wanted to celebrate New Year’s Day!, I finally listened  to my wiser self and heard the theme, Clearing the Way- Lightening Up. I lightened up, stopped resisting the truth and saw (with one eye) that my choices weren’t many… that is, the path was clear with one option—rest. I did. I slept.

A few hours later, I still couldn’t comfortably read or use the computer, drive or be outside due to being so sensitive to glare and light. I didn’t want to sleep anymore.

But, I could clean and organize some closets and cabinets… sorely needed and many times dropped to the bottom of the to do list. Clearing the Way- Lightening Up.  And my husband joined in which made it that much sweeter.

Somehow, the malady combined with the theme got the job done. Feels good. Lots of clearing & organizing happened and we had fun doing it together. Charming.

The takeaway is…

Creating a theme for the year could be the secret charm attracting some dynamic learning and discoveries in your personal and  entreprenereal life.

Oh… Happy New Year!

I’d love to know: What’s your theme for the year?