Some of us have thought about quitting.

It happens when the work seems nonstop frustrating because of all the effort and time to share your product with a prospective client resulted in a big fat, Thanks but no thanks. You’re getting up early and reaching out to potential clients, networking with local business owners and writing a weekly blog.

You’re doing all the right things. And most of the time it’s personally rewarding. You meet lots of dedicated business owners who are sharing marketing strategies, offering tips which worked for them, messages of, you can do it and smiling… just like you… and they are great.

But today… today you’re less energetic. You’ve taken some extra work on a day you normally take off to dedicate to your new business. The early appointment you rushed to get to doesn’t show up and you feel the negativity creep in slowly but surely.

You’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the entrepreneurial bed and you’re ready to throw your business dream, which feels like a nightmare all away in the trash and say, “Good riddance!”

So, how do you get out of the funk?

In this article…

I asked a random sample of business owners/entrepreneurs, coaches, managers and administrative leaders the question…

What do you do when you feel like throwing it (your business, work, etc.) all away and say, “Good riddance”?

Here’s what they said with little hesitation, leaving no room to doubt they knew what they were talking about… oh, I added a few ideas of my own…

1—  Pray, chant, meditate, deep breathing in with the positive, out with the negative.

2—  Get a new attitude. Pull out your favorite proverb– My grandmother told my mother and she told me: Aller anfang ist schwer. Translation: All beginnings are hard.

3—  Persevere anyway.

4—  Ask someone else what they would do. (That’s what I’m doing… a mini research project!)

5—  Take a vacation. Don’t answer the phone. When you come back you’ll think… What the hell was I thinking? Sometimes you just need to take a break.

6—  And when you’re off… You’ll reflect and realize all that you have put into your business. AND you’ll get REAL… I’m older now, what else am I going to do? Answer: Suck it up, buttercup!

7—  Slow down. Don’t make any decisions now. Pass by those trash cans. Keep walking, literally, keep walking.

8—  Put yourself around people, interact around their topics. Focus on someone else.

Feel inspired to try any of these? Go ahead, give it a go…


9—  Baseball Hall of Famers can get in with a 300 batting average… meaning they only get on base 3 out of 10 times! It’s all about staying in the batter’s box, reminds Coach Robin Otto from another supportive FB group I joined.  Thanks Robin!

10– Have a good cry or some good sex. Release your stress. That reminds me of Holly Hunter’s portrayal of a virtuoso TV newsroom producer in the movie, Broadcast News, who daily set aside time to have an emotional cry, maybe a minute long and then shook it off and went on with her day.

11– Drink some wine (one way to get a new attitude)… or a healthy anti-inflammatory combo ginger/lemon/cider vinegar- alkalizing the blood is good says website mastery guru Kenn Schroder.

12– Pretend Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is offering you a hot beverage and accept it with a smile.

13– Remember that “resilience” is my middle name– Coach Patrick Williams

14– Says Coach Laura Atwood: It can be a great time to practice “nonattachment” –Om.

15– Use humor… laugh at yourself. Better yet, laugh with others. I chuckled with another entrepreneur who shared she had someone ‘slam the door in her face’ via email last week. She found it fascinating. She didn’t know it was possible to slam doors via email!

I hope you’re smiling… you’re among friends… be courageous…


16– Get out the bubbles… keep a supply of bubble solution and have fun making bubbles. The kid in all of us can have fun. It’s contagious says a super client of mine.

17– Declare a Be Aware Day–BAD. Your support people are alerted…and offer the spectrum of encouraging words and kicking your sweet ass with stop the whine and do the time… they all know you and know your dream and love you.

18– Use H.A.L.T. Ask yourself am I hungry, angry, lonely and or tired? Take care of yourself. Eat. Since anger is usually about not treating yourself well or feeling someone else isn’t treating you well, ask for better treatment. Call a friend, invite someone over for dinner, go to a support group if you’re lonely. Take a nap, go to bed earlier, get your thyroid checked, eat well and exercise so good sleep happens. Thanks to all the 12-Step wisdom out there!

19– Maybe consider being in the throes of HSP—Highly Sensitive Person… hmm… More on this subject in another article. Neat research… kind of validating.

20– Seriously, read over the WHY you are doing this business. Refresh and recommit.

21– Check in with your mentor or coach… Firm up some nifty new strategies and act.

The takeaway is…

You’re not alone. Nope. It’s normal to have times of doubt or questioning whether your decision to start or transition to a new business will EVER happen.

A lot of these suggestions are easy, silly quick remedies that will shift the entrepreneur’s mood and provide the needed reset for business attracting activities.

Good riddance to rubbish like quitting. H-E-L-L-O sweet perseverance. Let’s DO IT! 😉

I’d love to know… What’s your favorite way to shake the business blues?

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