The inches we need in this game (life) are everywhere around us… that’s what living is… six inches in front of your face.   

                    –from Al Pacino’s locker room speech, Any Given Sunday                                                    

You gotta love Al Pacino. I do. So much passion… firing up his team with this inspirational message of determination and grit.

As business owners, we’re all about keeping up with productivity goals. Keeping and finding new customers and achieving consistent revenue streams is the game we’re playing… to win! Staying inspired is key to our business success.

In this article…

Inspiration is available to all of us in the inches that are all around us. And as Pacino’s character asserts, when we add up all those inches, that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing… in the game, life and certainly business.

I’ll share a story of how I noticed the few inches in front of my face to delight in the inspiration that followed and carried over to my business mindset.

Finding inspiration is just a walk in the park…

I’ve been walking/running for the last 3 ½ weeks and I hadn’t seen him yet… True, I had stopped exercising at this park for nearly a year… a lot can change in a year’s time… people move, change exercise locations… I did. Maybe he did too.

And then this morning happened…

As I crossed the street to the neighborhood park primed to be invigorated by this morning’s exercise, a raindrop kissed my cheek. Gray clouds overhead.

With some hesitation I pushed forward, hoping for just a refreshing mist…

Making it across to the running path, concentrating on zipping up the jacket I’m glad I wore while walking faster, warming up, I looked up, turned the corner and whoa… surprise!

There he was walking in the opposite direction… inches away.

As we passed by each other, we did what we have always done in the past… smiled and said good morning with the ever so slight head nod.

Seeing him today, after nearly a year was amazing to me for several reasons…

1) I’ve never seen him on this side of the park, so far away from his usual route. For almost two years he walked a specific distance of the path and then left. I’ve admired his consistency.

2) He wasn’t walking with the cane today.

3) The limp was still apparent, but his gait was fast, not the slow, deliberate pace from a year ago.

4) I felt genuinely happy to see him doing so well. Should I comment? I’ve never said more than hi. I didn’t want to interrupt his zone. I like that I want to comment.

5) Connection comes in all shapes and sizes, depth and width, and experienced through all our senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and auditory. Connection is a fascinating subject… special when it happens.

This encounter inspired a growth mindset as I delved into my day’s work. I was encouraged to…

  • Specify business challenges, renewing the resolve to notice hesitancy and take action anyway.
  • Embrace what shows up, accept the timing and respect the process.
  • Realize I’m just where I need to be… in the beginning, middle or end of certain goals. I can still step it up and plant new seeds of interest. See what grows and nurture the good stuff that is fun and energizing.
  • Look up and notice what’s going on that’s beautiful around me. It feels good to get involved and cheer-on others.
  • Remember there are probably people out there cheering me on too. Believe it. Trust it. Use it to relax and be true to myself because that’s great enough!

You’re more than welcome to adopt any of these mindset items and make them YOURS! I have an A+ in sharing.

The takeaway is…

We don’t have to look or go far to find inspiration… we’re surrounded by inches and inches of opportunity.

Staying connected and involved with others can happen in ordinary ways and gift you with an extra wet, juicy kiss of determination that’s needed for that business challenge you’re facing.

So very cool.

You’re still the man, Al. Thanks.

Please share… What’s been your inch of inspiration for business?

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