Mindfulness teaches you to be fully present. Mindfulness is calming.

Too often worrying about the future or regretting the past keeps you from being in the present moment.

The present is a gift you can give to yourself.

Life is like a cup of coffee– it’s all about how you make it or take it.

Make mindfulness a daily habit. Take comfort by being fully in the present.

Try this while sitting in your chair:

Close your eyes and notice your own breathing.

Now focus on how it feels to be sitting in your chair. Notice how your clothes feel on your body. How your shirt or blouse feels on your back. How your pants or skirt feel. How your feet feel in your shoes.

Notice your scalp, your forehead, your jaw. Notice any sounds in the room. Notice any sounds from outside the room. Notice how you feel right now.

Do you feel more at ease?

Here’s another mindfulness exercise to experience with a partner:

Decide who will go first. Seated face to face complete the following three sentence stems:

1) When I look at you I think…

2) When I look at you I feel…

3) When I look at you I hope…

Now the other finishes the same sentence stems.

What was that like?

Use mindfulness (or being fully present) during everyday happenings:

  • the next time you’re talking to your kids
  • interacting with the bank teller
  • taking a shower

Notice the experience. Is it more enjoyable?

The takeaway is to appreciate being fully present by being focused on what you’re doing rather than what you’re going to do at some future moment or what has happened in the past.

Practice mindfulness every day like some of us drink coffee every day.

Fill your next cup with mindfulness.

Mary Franz LCSW, PCC  is a couple’s therapist, critical incident responder, and personal strategy coach. Need to talk about a personal or business relationship challenge? Visit her website and ask for a complimentary strategy session.