Let’s be honest. There are times when your job is a drag.

Bosses don’t deliver on needed resources and inexperienced co-workers don’t prepare adequately. Experienced co-workers accept the mediocre performance by others and question why you’re tripping out.

All you know is that your success depends on others and if they aren’t following through you can’t do your job and meet the deadlines. No one else seems to care. You’ve verbalized your frustrations and proposed solutions. There’s plenty of understanding, even praise for all your excellent work, however nothing changes.

You feel angry, anxious and sleep less. You wake early and dread another day on the job. Worrying is hard to stop and resentments fester.

You HATE the way you’re feeling about your job.

You LOVE the complexities of your work and the challenges.

This isn’t a challenge you’re choosing. What can you do?

In this article…

You will get 3 ways to gain freedom beyond the confinement you’re currently experiencing in your job so you can love your work without the hate for the job.

Let’s do it!

#1— FREE yourself by focusing on what you can control.

Okay, I know you know this. Now you need to take charge of what you know. Give yourself 10 minutes.

  • List everything that keeps you up at night or that worries you.
  • Just for future use… rate each item on a scale of 0 (doesn’t disturb me at all)—10 (the most disturbed I’ve ever felt).
  • Next, go through each item and ask yourself, Have I done everything I can about this? If you have–done deal! Put a line through it. If you think of something you CAN do, then circle it.

Any circled items? Make your “to do” list and schedule them in your calendar.

The strikethrough items? Identify one behavior/thought/activity you will do instead of wasting your precious energy worrying. Go for a walk, breathe in the good 2-3-4 and breathe out the bad 2-3-4 or bake a cake, call your brother, or sing a song.

You can do it! Take charge of your reactions. Focus on what you can control. That’s all your good stuff to manage.

#2— FREE yourself by going wider with self-awareness.

Widen your circle of awareness. Look beyond your experience and observe others in your job setting who seem to be managing well, consistently performing and in good humor (people like to be around them!).

Invite them for coffee or lunch and be curious. Ask them about their perception of job satisfaction (like when they are at a 10 (greatest job ever!) and when they are at a 4 (job sucks but I’m hanging in). What strategies do they find helpful? Be careful to avoid badmouthing anyone or even the company… it could come back to bite you. Keep it upbeat and positive.

#3— FREE yourself by going deeper with self-awareness.

Step back and take a deeper look at yourself. Why are your feelings so strong? Look at your list of worries. Look at the items you listed earlier with scores above 7. Does it feel familiar to an earlier time in your life? In your family of origin? What else is happening in your life today with family, spouse or friends?

We take ourselves wherever we go. We all have a history and as human beings we love the familiar. We’re attracted to people and environments (like a company culture) which feel familiar… even when that familiar is less than desirable. It’s an unconscious thing.

My client Joy loves her work and hates her job of nearly 9 years. Always a high achiever she’s befuddled. She’s ready to explore how her family of origin relationships, specifically the authority figures, influence her current aggravation with the leadership at her job. She realizes there’s more to the intensity she’s feeling than the job frustrations.

You see, no relationship is a new relationship… every relationship we have (person, place, or thing) is influenced by our previous relationships.

I’m confident because of a deeper personal review, my client will break free from the “jail” she’s in so she can sleep better and ultimately feel happier on the job and at home.

Here’s your takeaway…

You can break free from whatever confines you.

Drop the hate and grow the love you have for your work and job by freeing yourself.

  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Widen your self-awareness.
  • Deepen your self-awareness.

Look beyond the confinement. There’s a rainbow just for you.

Free up your ideas and share.  I’m so interested.

I’m your go-to coach with a therapy background. Get free from whatever limits your spectacular self from loving your work and personal life.

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