You’ve been working hard, pounding the pavement with networking and marketing efforts for that new dream job while at the same time working your full time job.

Getting up an hour earlier and staying up an hour later to finish the weekly homework in the course that is boosting your job prospects has become routine. Your partner keeps the noise level down so you can concentrate and serves you a cold glass of your favorite sparkling water which is so refreshing. You smile and say thank-you. He winks, smiling back.  Shared joy.

Crafting a new approach for your current job, transitioning to a new job, being in the middle of job searching for the first time in several decades or for the very first time can be all- consuming, tiring and often frustrating.  There’s always something else to rewrite, read over or prepare.

It’s the perfect time to stop and share gratitude, a strength that research says is strongly correlated to happiness. That’s right. Make time to say thank-you, share gratitude and be more likely to experience more happiness.

Indeed, it’s not only your mother’s voice imploring you to write thank-you notes (and mother IS right about this), but also popular Executive Coach/Consultant, Marshall Goldsmith who instructs his clients to “Get an A+ in Gratitude”.

In his book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, Mr. Goldsmith gives the following assignment to help improve an executive’s interpersonal relationships.  I think it’s an excellent exercise for job crafters who want to add joy to their job crafting as well:

  1. Think about your career. Who are the people most responsible for your success?
  2. Write down 25 names.
  3. Ask yourself—Have I ever told them how grateful I am for their help?
  4. Write them a thank-you note. Describe what they did or said, briefly. Send it.

And I’m adding …joyfully,

  1. Smile.  (I’ve been told that if you need help smiling, put a pencil between your teeth and notice what happens. Go ahead and test it out on a day when a smile is hard to come by….let me know how it works!)

Here’s the takeaway….Sharing gratitude to another for their unique contribution to your success through a written thank-you note (emails work too), is guaranteed to bring joy to any job crafter’s day.

Have you been on the receiving end of a thank-you note?  Pure gold.

So, today, when can you spare 15 minutes and start a list of those 25 people who have contributed to your success? You’ll be glad you did.

I’d like to ask you….

How do you add joy to your work? How does joy impact your work efforts?  What are some of your favorite ways to say thank-you?

I always enjoy reading your responses.  Please share.  Spread the joy around.