It’s safe to assume that every job seeker, job crafter struggles with rejection.

We’ve explored how job seekers can handle the fear of rejection in three parts…

Part 1 ~ validating the human experience of rejection as registering in the pain center of the brain;

Part 2 ~ identifying common strategies that soothe and reduce the power of rejection, and

Part 3 ~ habits to practice that support good judgment reducing the fear of rejection because of mistakes.

In Part 4, the final secret … becoming rejection-proof while job seeking …

Wouldn’t it be great to have extra fortification to accept rejection as a normal part of job seeking and/or job crafting? What if there was a way to become rejection-proof…like the raincoat, umbrella  and rain boots we wear that’s water-proof, keeping us dry on those rainy days? Actually, it can be kind of fun to purposefully jump in those puddles because we have the extra protection. Go ahead rain, make my day!

Becoming rejection-proof means applying one word…multiple…think multiple, create multiple, be multiple. So, Job Seekers, consider the rejection-proof-ness of “multiple” …

Multiple job applications, multiple job offers.

Ok, ok…I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes, saying… I have put out so many applications. I say good for you…be happy, you’re ahead of the crowd and open to multiple offers. Keep applying.

Do you need to update the resume?  Take a workshop, find out what is current.  I have a client who got feedback that he needed to change his email address because it was so cumbersome and difficult to remember.  With that small change, his resume and applications look current.

And for those of you who are waiting on that one application, I say get busy with completing more.

The reason? If you get a rejection, there’s something else working. And, it’s always possible you’ll get several interested responses. Now that’s fun and confidence building at the same time.

One successful job seeker, who eventually accepted the job of her dreams, had the personal policy of continuing to put out applications while she was moving through several layers of interviews for the job she knew she wanted, but didn’t have yet. What a smart job seeker…Rejection-proof.

Multiple job callings.

Some of us are fortunate to have a variety of work interests or callings…not just one. When younger, it may have been hard to decide on a major because of the variety of interests. Perhaps a life event became a new calling.  It’s possible to work at one job using a set of skills and start another business with the same or different skill set at the same time.

Jeff is doing just that. He’s been a successful manager for 10 years at a major restaurant chain.  He’s been developing his passion for physical training/healthy eating on the side, which came about because of a health scare he experienced a few years ago. He has survived a cut in salary and transfer to another restaurant recently due to negative work relationships that became impossible to salvage.  Jeff is a smart employee who is already crafting an additional revenue stream…that he loves!

Multiple job options.

Like Jeff in the example above, be prepared to take Plan B… or C… or D. With the mindset of, what else is out there if this doesn’t work, you’re becoming rejection-proof.  Now, a change in employment, for any reason becomes a springboard into something else that’s already developed or in the works vs. braking hard due to a dead end.

A curious, open mindset…that willingness to pause and reflect on possibilities vs. impossibilities…is needed.  Keep growing your skills, develop other interests and build relationships. Volunteer or subcontract.  Craft other revenue producing projects on the side.

Tom’s success story …

Then there’s Tom, a bright researcher, who has always enjoyed his passion for comic book illustrations as a fun “hobby”.  He has taken a new job he loves at a lower salary and just launched a new app that he created to hopefully supplement the family income.  He’s already sold a few. What a way to craft his dream work, creating multiple revenue streams from skills and interests he already knows and at the same time becoming rejection-proof!

The takeaway is …

Put on the rejection-proof gear of multiples and get out there job seekers/crafters. Have fun.  Go and play in those puddles.  You’ve got your rejection-proof rain boots on.

In the meantime, I’d love to know about the last time you jumped in a puddle 😉 and, What is your favorite rejection-proof tip?

Ready to rejection-proof your efforts to craft your meaningful work?  Sign up for a Love My Work Strategy Session.  We’ll have fun doing it too!