I love watching Barcelona play soccer. The bursts of energy, varying strategies, team awareness, and finally GOOOOOOAL!! And the cherry on the top is the celebration as team players dash to huddle together with hugs and kisses (gotta love those Europeans). You can’t help but smile with them.

Indeed, there is the intense feeling of disappointment when a goal is missed. I see it on the player’s face and feel it too. Yet, the game begins again and the players get back in there with renewed effort and go after that goal with unstoppable momentum.

Common for most job seekers and job crafters is the challenge to keep “at it”, stay focused and keep playing, especially after getting turned down for a job or not getting any response to an application.

This article will highlight the secret of the unstoppable momentum of hope according to positive psychologist Charles Richard Snyder’s, Hope Theory.

Did you know that hope is a learned response? So, that means hope can be developed. We can all improve our hopeful thinking.  Let’s look at the 3 elements outlined by mindtools.com of Snyder’s Hope Theory:

1. Goals—Thinking in a goal-oriented way.
2. Pathways—Finding different ways to achieve your goals.
3. Agency—Believing that you can instigate change and achieve these goals.

Look at how Stephanie’s example holds all 3 elements of Snyder’s Hope Theory:

Stephanie, an employee who wanted to use her talents for design and training development was stuck in a job that used all her energy to travel and present programs that had become boring and mundane. Stephanie’s goal was clear: “I want to find work that uses my instructional design talents.” (Goal)

Gently, Stephanie tested her ideas out with her boss, hoping to get an idea of his vision and ultimately his support (Pathway 1). He said a clear “no”. (Here comes Stephanie’s use of Agency)

Although disappointed, Stephanie went back to the drawing board (pun intended) and picked up on a marketing project that had been tabled, finding joy in reaching out to colleagues for feedback and creating a new proposal for the vice-president. (Pathway 2)

Knowing her preferred work wouldn’t be possible at this company, she updated her resume and prepared cover letters to reflect positive results she had achieved in her career thus far. (Pathway 3)  Stephanie set goals for applying to jobs daily. (Pathway 4)

Following several inquiries, desired Company X invited Stephanie for an interview, then another and another. Several weeks passed. Despite wanting Company X to make an offer, Stephanie decided to continue applying for jobs, avoiding the “putting all of her eggs in one basket”. (Pathway 5)

Throughout, Stephanie took responsibility for her own success and adjusted her behaviors as needed. (Agency)

Oh, Stephanie will start her new job in a month.  GOOOOOOAL!!!

In conclusion, develop Snyder’s, Hope Theory and the 3 elements of goal setting, creating pathways towards goal attainment and use your belief in yourself to stay focused on the pathways you’ve created.

Remember to celebrate those small and large wins…get those hugs and kisses ;-)

I’d like to ask you….

What keeps you hopeful?