Viktor Frankl, in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

And the same thing applies to crafting a career that’s fulfilling, meaningful and exciting.

Space that is packed full stymies creative power, chokes freedom and zaps growth.  For job seekers and crafters this can be the kiss of death because natural talents are overshadowed and power to choose is weakened.  

Elizabeth is a good example.  She decided to pursue a dream career of wellness coaching.  Already successful in another field of work, Elizabeth continued to work at her full time job while taking the training required for wellness coaching, planning to transition gradually as her coaching clientele list increased.

Most of the time, Elizabeth managed, juggling responsibilities for home, work and her coach training.  Her schedule was so tight yet she was motivated.  And then, the challenges of more difficult work assignments, reasonable but time consuming family responsibilities and longer, later hours studying became the norm vs. the exception.  She was mourning the loss of two family pets as well.

Elizabeth felt depleted.  She was saying “yes” most of the time and rarely “no”.  Her space was packed full.  What had been fun and motivating was sadly becoming a chore.  She had to make space that was welcoming and roomy.  For Elizabeth the question became, “If I say YES to my dream career what do I need to say NO to?

It wasn’t easy.  Elizabeth began declining more rather than less invitations from both family and friends. She cut back on the length of her workouts and changed her diet adding more colorful food choices, hydrating and getting more sleep. She started a brief 3 minute mindfulness practice between activities.  She acknowledged her grief and accepted support. Wellness coaches need self-care too;)

The takeaway for job crafters is to clean out and refresh the space available for crafting that dream job.  Enjoy the dawn of growth and freedom as a result. 

I’d like to ask you…

What wisdom would you share for job crafting success?  What does freedom look like for you in your dream job?

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