I have found that anytime you remove frazzle (negative emotions, worries, distractions), there’s room for dazzle (focus, creativity and getting vital stuff done).

In this article you will get three ways to remove frazzle so you can dazzle and get big things done.

Got more dazzling fireworks in your future?

Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

1 — Know your mindset and make necessary adjustments which supports your goals.

Here’s a story about the power of your mindset:

A traveler, walking along a dusty road, sees an elderly man sitting by the roadside. Abruptly he shouts, “Hey! Old man! What are the people like in the next village?”

The old man responds by asking, “What did you find in the village you just left?”  “Scoundrels,” the traveler grumbles, “we drank and gambled, and in the middle of the night someone stole my food!”

“Ah,” says the old man wisely, “that’s what you’ll find in the village ahead.”

A short time later, another traveler, on the same route between the same villages, approaches the elderly man. “Tell me,” the traveler asks kindly, “what kind of people will I find in the village ahead?”

The old man responds again, “What did you find in the village you just left?” “Oh,” responds the traveler, with obvious merriment, “I really enjoyed them! They were intelligent and generous. We told stories about our journeys and shared our simple meals.”

“Ah,” the old man replied, “that’s what you’ll find in the village ahead.”

(from Maravelas, Anna: How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress. Career Press, 2005.)

Your mindset determines what you’ll see, hear and do. Ask yourself, what mindset keeps you frazzled? What mindset is needed to spark dazzle?

Make adjustments to your mindset so the possibilities spark and your goals are reached.

2 — When your mindset is discouraged or doubtful, ride the dragon, don’t stuff him/her in the cave.

When doing big things, it is common to experience doubt and at times failure.

A successful professional woman is launching a new business  Deep down she truly believes the business won’t get off the ground, thinking she should have started 10 years ago as she prepares to meet with a potential client. As a result, during their meeting she feels insecure and physically tense. She impedes the potential client’s opportunity to choose to work with her and invest in his own development by rushing the conversation and/or diminishing the value by giving her services away.

Clearly she needs some dazzle to give some lift to her negative mindset.

Zen Therapist David Brazier’s idea of “riding the dragon” is about as dazzling a dazzle can get. He says instead of hiding or slaying the dragon (problems, negative mindset) you engage the problems and grow through them. Ride the dragon!

Dragon riding lessons for the professional woman could include doing more market research of her ideal client, confronting the apathy she feels around business success at this time in her life and letting go of some irrational beliefs. If she needs help setting personal boundaries, the Say No Checklist is ideal.

3 — My favorite. Review your strengths and get big things done by using them!

Do you know what your strengths are? Have you taken the VIA Character Strengths assessment or the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment? What about the Realize 2 assessment?  Please keep the results handy and review them.

You naturally dazzle by using your strengths. And believe me, you deserve your own dazzle… which gets you closer to achieving RAZZLE Dazzle!  😉

I took some time over the weekend to review my strength assessments!  (I’ve taken them all!) Goodness! I have so many strengths I haven’t been using! What a treasure chest of ongoing support.

Frazzle to dazzle rides again!

The takeaway is:

When frazzled, look for ways to dazzle while getting the big things done by adjusting your mindset if needed, taking dragon riding lessons which may mean you talk with a trusted friend or hire a coach and always let your strengths provide that extra zip needed.

You don’t have to wait for Independence Day to experience fireworks or say to your dazzling self:

Oh my… look at that!

I’d love, love to know: What else removes the frazzle and gives you dazzle?

Mary Franz LCSW, PCC  is a couple’s therapist, critical incident responder, and personal strategy coach. Need to talk about a personal or business relationship challenge? Visit her website and ask for a complimentary strategy session.