Are you achieving the big goals you’ve set up for yourself?

Hopefully we’re all creating and accomplishing goals as a part of improving and becoming a better version of ourselves at work and  home.

Mr. Miyagi says…

“Man who can catch fly with chopstick—accomplish anything.”

Whether it’s a goal to finish an advanced program, to be eligible for promotion, balance work life and personal life or turn a demoralized team positively around there are steps to master which move the goal from an “idea” to a reality.

Achieving big goals can be accomplished… (and you don’t have to catch a fly with a chopstick..although that would be cool!)

Let’s have some fun and climb the steps to achieving big goals while at the movies…

“The Karate Kid (1984)” is a favorite go-to-feel-good movie I watched again recently. You know, a movie where good wins over evil, the underdog defeats the slick, favored team, hard work pays off, inner strength triumphs… (and the good guy gets the girl!)

If you haven’t seen the movie, or want to see it again, watch it. Otherwise, here’s the synopsis of the movie we’re seeing…

The movie characters, Daniel, a teenager who recently moved from New Jersey to California has come up against karate-trained bullies at school and Mr. Miyagi, the maintenance guy at Daniel’s apartment complex rescues him.

The story unfolds around their relationship and the karate lessons Mr. Miyagi agrees to teach Daniel.

They are lessons for anyone who wants to achieve big goals and a beautiful relationship to emulate.

In this article…

You’ll get 7 steps and the optional magic hands inspiration to achieving big goals by reviewing the lessons Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel during the movie, The Karate Kid (1984).

Let’s start climbing…

Step #1– Establish the goal with the end in mind.

Start with the vision of your goal realized and work backwards with establishing the conditions needed to be successful. Be realistic.

Mr. Miyagi, to Daniel’s shock and awe, negotiated the Karate Tournament as the specific day, time and activity to settle the conflict. The end goal was for Daniel to use the Karate Tournament to make a good fight, earn respect and ultimately stop the fighting.

Mr. Miyagi asked for and got agreement that the bullies leave Daniel alone while he was in karate training — a helpful strategy for goal success.

When your goal is reached, what will be different? What does the goal’s end look like? What needs to happen in your day to day life to make sure you reach your goal?

Step #2– Make the commitment.

How committed are you to reaching your goal on a scale of 0 (no commitment) – `10 (100% committed)?

Now that Daniel’s goal is established with the needed conditions, Mr. Miyagi seeks Daniel’s commitment…

Mr. Miyagi: “Daniel, are you ready to learn karate?”

Daniel: “I guess so.”

Mr. Miyagi grunts and gets Daniel’s attention with the following example:

“Walk on road– Walk right side, safe. Walk left side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, [makes squish gesture] get squished, just like grape. Either you karate do–YES or you karate do NO– you karate do GUESS SO– get squished {makes squish gesture}–just like grape.”

You’re either committed to the goal or not. It’s not a so-so, maybe or I’ll try.

Is your answer to the question above a 10? It needs to be. If it isn’t, what needs to happen to make it a 10?

Step #3– Identify the tasks to accomplish so needed knowledge and skills are learned and practiced.

The vision of your goal’s end is clear and the conditions to be successful have been made. With a strong commitment you’re ready to outline and break down the needed knowledge/skills to achieve, creating a list and putting them on the calendar.

Daniel made a sacred pact to do what Mr. Miyagi says– NO questions asked. He complies.

Mr. Miyagi says this at least a couple of times…

“Not everything is as it seems.”

Daniel’s frustration spills over after days of hard work and he shouts at Mr Miyagi: I haven’t learned anything!

When in the middle of completing tasks of a big goal, the learning and progress can feel so far away.

Read on…

Step #4– Confront obstacles (which includes your mindset) and recommit.

It’s normal to face obstacles along the way towards achieving goals. Motivation to continue, losing the big WHY you’re doing this, experiencing rejection, suffering a bruised ego, or simply self-pity comes up.

You must confront any negativity head on.

For Daniel, he confronted Mr. Miyagi’s teaching methods and ultimately the integrity of their relationship.

Mr. Miyagi pulls all the “tasks” he had asked Daniel to perform together (wash on, wash off, up, down, side to side and sand the floor). Daniel experiences the value. All his hard work provided the foundation for learning karate.

In the midst of working on specific tasks to achieve big goals, you can get discouraged and lost.

Step back. Gain some perspective. If you have a coach, let them help you gain perspective by looking at the progress you’re making.

Step #5– Perform and make adjustments.

You’ve done the previous steps and ready to go live.

Mr. Miyagi’s message to Daniel when he shares some fear before the tournament performance is good for us all…

Remember… lesson about balance is not just for karate only–learn for whole life.

Whole life has balance. Everything is a balance.

And I like the girlfriend’s response to Daniel…

Daniel:  “I’ll probably get killed in the first match.”

Ali:  “So–we’ll leave early.”

Sweet. You’ve arrived at the finish line. Do your best and make adjustments as needed now or tuck them away for the future.

Step #6– Go for it–Own it–Risk it!

Here’s when magic hands are brought up as an option so Daniel can stretch beyond his pain and stay in the game, (literally and figuratively.)

Although Daniel asks for Miyagi’s Magic Hands … It’s Daniel’s personal achievement to own.

Daniel: “Mr. Miyagi, did I have a chance at winning?”

Mr. Miyagi: “Win lose– no matter.”

Daniel: “No… that’s not what I mean.”

Mr. Miyagi: “Aye, good chance (of winning.)”

Daniel: “Can you fix my leg with that thing you do?” (Mr. Miyagi used his magic hands during training to ease Daniel’s shoulder pain.)

Mr. Miyagi: “No need to fight anymore… you proved a point.”

And there are times when proving a point is good enough and the goal is accomplished. Everyone can go home.

For Daniel, the goal to prove he will show up and fight honorably isn’t enough. He is personally challenged to reach deeply within and risk his best. It’s a personal triumph, a belief in himself which his request for Miyagi’s Magic Hands symbolizes.

Daniel decides to take on the personal best challenge… it’s all about asserting his new confidence.

Daniel: “What point did I prove? That I could take a beating? I mean whenever I see those guys they are going to know they got the best of me. I’ll never have balance that way… not with them… not with Ali (the girl)…  not with me.”

Mr. Miyagi touches Daniel’s forehead: “Close eyes… ” (Daniel willingly complies– he trusts Mr. Miyagi– you see it in his relaxed face.)

Mr. Miyagi SMACKS his hands together and then rubs them back an forth at a rapid pace, breathing in and out slowly, creating the magic, healing trance.

The magic happens again and Daniel’s injury is healed enough so he can go back to the fighting ring and face his enemy (both Johnny and Daniel’s personal insecurities)… and win.


And if he hadn’t won… still excellent, right? The answer: ABSOLUTELY!

Did you just SMACK your hands together and then rub them back and forth rapidly? I thought so…

What goal will your magic hands with all your motivated, confident personal best be applied to today?

Step #7– Celebrate!

How sweet. Whether it’s a party with friends or a moment of silent satisfaction thoroughly enjoyed .


Here’s your takeaway…

Have fun achieving goals… the bigger the better.

You have the 7 steps plus some amazing magic hands!

Go for it! You can do it!

I’d love to know… Have you seen The Karate Kid (1984) and (2010) remake? Which do you like better?

SMACK your hands together and rub them back and forth rapidly and connect with me for a strategy session. Let’s find additional ways to achieve your big goals. Click while your hands are HOT!