This morning, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones and I were jamming…

I can’t get no satisfaction… cause I try and I try and I try and I try I can’t get no… satisfaction.

My husband was listening—I have to tell you, I know he loves me because he likes it when I sing!

I was actually feeling blue, dissatisfied and disappointed. Singing always cheers me up. Does it for you too?

And like you I’ve been working hard adding new services to my business, getting uncomfy, while doing everything else that makes up a full life… and by the way, there’s a lot that’s coming together.

Yet, I’m failing to succeed at a personal physical health goal. It’s the taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back syndrome.

Truthfully, I’m not bringing my best consistently to something I hold valuable—physical health. It’s a commitment to myself and my partnership. It’s kind of cool for my business image too!

So, what gives?

For the umpteenth time the love of my life and best friend looks at me and says—discipline, Mary.

One word–discipline.

What? I’m super-disciplined. Look at what I’m doing…the list is long, my accomplishments plenty.

Yes… and his eyes grab mine… but your self-discipline is… dissipated

Hmm. Interesting observation.

Dissipated… self-discipline which scatters in various directions and tends to fritter away; the opposite of focused and unified.

What tools are available to tweak self-discipline… when it’s scattered in various places and needs to be gathered so you’re bringing your best?

In this article…

I’ll discuss 7 tools for tweaking self-discipline–an ultimately basic trait successful entrepreneurs/business owners, professionals, most anybody who breathes, hone to bring out their best. Both work and personal relationships benefit and the gratification you possess is priceless.

To begin, choose a goal you’ve been gung ho to accomplish : lose 20 pounds, add 5 new clients, write a weekly blog, finish a 10 hour course, launch a new business, finish a degree, learn a new language, double your sales, run a marathon, etc.

Then tweak your self-discipline with these tools. You’ll be bringing your best… look out goal achievement!

Let’s rock and roll and get some productive satisfaction…

#1— The habits/behaviors you’ve identified which will get you to your goal need to be simple and repeated daily… stick with it for a while before you give up and when it’s working, keep working it!

Recently, I was ready to slow down on a marketing activity designed to add 5 more coaching clients to my business which was working so I could “catch up” on the activity it was generating.

My coach offered an alternative. Stay with the activity, but shorten the scope of the activity and finish in 10 minutes rather than 30 minutes. Smart.

So ask…

  • What is an activity I can do daily which will get me to my goal?
  • Choose to do it early in the day so you’re done.
  • Decide on a time frame.10 minutes? 1 hour? What time will you start and finish?
  • Keep the momentum going and change the content of the activity, not the routine.

#2— We’re creatures of habit. Be prepared to feel awkward if you’re breaking a bad habit.

Your brain resists change and favors the known. There will be resistance and discomfort if you’re making a change.

It’s true. Bad habits which you’ve been using for a while run on autopilot. The better habits will too once you’ve been doing them for a while. It’s a brain thing.

So tolerate the discomfort while breaking a bad habit and building a new one.

#3— Use a golfer’s score card and tally your way to improved performance by monitoring the behavior you want to change.

A golfer shared his story of extinguishing negative self-talk to clear the way for positive thinking and improved performance.

Every time he thought a negative comment he would add a stroke to his golfer’s score card. His goal was to have zero strokes.

By making his negative thinking conscious, noting each time a negative thought happened by making a tiny stroke on a piece of paper, he was able to stop all negative thinking. In fact, he said the positivity was triggered by the blip of a negative.

So cool.

#4— Psychological principle: Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment–Robert Benchley

For instance, I’m writing this blog. It isn’t the #1 priority scheduled for this morning. I’m suppose to be completing a 10-hour course. Do you recognize the procrastinator who’s running the morning?

So the tool is called “Positive Procrastination”.

What Robert Benchley says is true for me and probably for you… other things I tend to postpone often get done if they fall below the top priority of my to-do list! Think about it.

Be crafty and get other stuff you’ve postponed done this way.

So far my kitchen has been cleaned, a load of laundry and now a blog. I think it’s a great day to sweep the back porch I didn’t sweep yesterday.

#5— And a quickie for procrastinators… change the “just do it” mantra to “just START it“.

Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and simply get  started on the goal of your choosing. Stay with it until you hear the timer’s ding and the 30 minutes is up.

Eat a cookie or rather a few almonds as you are in the healthy mindset.

Who knows…. you may just keep going for another 30 minutes. Your choice.

You can start it!

#6— Use Zen meditation techniques to create the calm and peaceful inner self so you can stay present and focused on the task at hand with less distraction.

Try this breathing technique: Focusing on your breath, in then out, counting 1-100. Then again. Focusing on your breath, in then out, counting back 100-1. Sit in a comfy chair, take your time.

If a thought comes up, simply notice and go back to counting the breaths one at a time. First breath- in then out, second breath- in then out, third breath- in then out… you get the idea.

Let me know how peacefulness shows up for you.

#7—And then there’s getting your sweet ass kicked– which my husband thinks would help me a lot. 😉 I say he really meant to say kissed… which he’s welcome to do anytime!

Joking aside… there is something to inviting someone to help you develop positive habits/behaviors and be realistic with your expectations.

Studies show we tend to have an optimistic bias towards our work… that is, we think we can finish in less time than is realistic. Psychologists call it a “Planning Fallacy”.

Yet with others, we tend to be able to help them see the realities more clearly and plan accordingly. Go figure.

So, share your plan with someone and get some feedback. Ask them to help you be accountable.

You can also hire a coach. I’m available. My clients and I laugh a lot. Most of my clients kick ass.

Sometimes you just need to be careful when walking around certain people or feed them chocolate when passing by… a kiss is certain that way. 🙂

The takeaway is…

Tweak those self-discipline habits/behaviors which have dissipated and bring out your best. Dust off your toolbox and put those shiny tools to good use for YOU!

You’ve started!  Let’s keep adding more tools in the weeks ahead.

Your best is rockin’ self-discipline and soooooo satisfying!

I’m curious… While practicing self-discipline, what rewards do you schedule for yourself? 

Let’s talk about your plans to bringing out your best and the tools you’re using. Sign up for a “I’ve got this!” Strategy Session today!