I have found that anytime you remove frazzle (negative emotions, worries, distractions), there’s room for dazzle (focus, creativity and getting vital stuff done)…

Maybe it will be like dazzling fireworks bursting in the sky… or a single dazzling spark!

In life as well as business, you can fret yourself into a frazzle over situations and accomplish less than nothing. It can be a worn out, weary state along a pathway to destruction.

Or you can take steps to remove frazzle, like this…

I have a client who was determined to use the morning to get big work tasks done…

After all, science says the morning is the best time of the day for concentration, determination and focus. Did you know we tend to have more ability to exercise self-control earlier in our day than later? Something about ego depletion naturally happening the longer your day goes on… and that means fatigue physiologically and psychologically–both needed for self-control which gets the big things done!

The point: Do your biggest tasks first thing in the morning!

So, back to my client’s determination…

There were a few obstacles he confronted including the normal activities and disruptions family togetherness brings when everyone is getting ready for their day. You recognize it: finding the lost shoe, listening to an argument between siblings, trying not to lose patience, making lunches, rounding everyone to get out the door on time, commute time driving everyone to their destination.

We’ve all been there. By the time he got to work, he needed a nap!

A few days later he writes, I’ve relinquished my driving duties so I can get to work without getting my head frazzled.

He was able to reduce the morning hubbub.

Less frazzle, make room for dazzle!

In this article…

I’ll discuss 3 more ways to get big things done which move you from a place of frazzle to dazzle. You already know that determination to do the big things first thing in your day sparkles!

Got more fireworks in your future?

Let’s take a look at how it’s done…

1— Start by knowing you have an observer self and expand your self awareness. Have your observer self step back and examine how you are approaching life and the situation before you take action. Remember, when doing big things you want to know your mindset and make necessary adjustments which supports your goals.

Your observer self looks at your language, body awareness and emotions to help you increase self-awareness. It’s the data collector which filters all of your actions.

Language is about how you describe things to yourself… the adjectives you use. It’s the beliefs you hold, your values, the conversations you have with others and with yourself, the interpretations you make daily. You may recognize it as the inner voice saying, I’ve got a lot to offer… I really like this person’s commitment or This isn’t working… I’m not ready… I just don’t believe this will ever work.

Your observer self recognizes body sensations like a nervousness in the chest or an uneasiness sick like feeling in the stomach, maybe a numb feeling in the face or a peaceful calmness, easy breathing and relaxed shoulders.

Your observer self senses a dramatic shift in emotions, the wave of sadness or spike of joy, feelings of warmth or hesitation.

An example to illustrate this would be a successful professional woman who is launching a new business. Deep down she truly believes the business won’t get off the ground, thinking she should have started 10 years ago as she prepares to meet with a potential client. As a result, she feels insecure and physically tense. She impedes the potential client’s opportunity to choose to work with her and invest in his own development by rushing the conversation and/or diminishing the value by giving her services away.

Her capacity to invite the client to explore possibilities is limited by her language (I can’t close a sale/I’m unsure of the value my services bring/I should have started this business years ago), her emotion of fear (that she’ll fail) and body tension. The language, emotion and body are congruent with each other.  She’s already determined he won’t want to invest and/or her service doesn’t provide enough value.

Get big things done by knowing what your observer self is seeing, thinking and feeling. Often when something doesn’t work, your observer self is a great resource. Design actions producing the results you desire with the data your observer self holds. Be the chooser of what your observer self is seeing, thinking and feeling.

The self-awareness possible through your observer self is dazzling.

2— When discouraged or doubtful, ride the dragon, don’t stuff him in the cave.

When doing big things, it is common to experience doubt and at times failure, like the example of the professional woman.

I agree with those who say that overcoming doubt and failure isn’t the issue. The issue is learning from the doubt and failure.

Knowing firsthand how unpleasant doubt and failure feels, I have done what a lot of us do… hide from it or conquer it. Both strategies have merit and can bring relief.

How about dragon riding lessons?

I’ll sign up for Zen Therapist David Brazier’s idea of “riding the dragon!”  Instead of hiding or slaying the dragon (problems) you engage the problems and grow through them… Ride the dragon!

Dragon riding lessons for the professional woman example could include doing more market research of her ideal client, confronting the apathy she feels around business success at this time in her life and letting go of some irrational beliefs.

3—My favorite… review your strengths and get big things done by using them!

Do you know what your strengths are? Have you taken the VIA Character Strengths assessment or the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment? What about the Realize 2 assessment?  Please keep the results handy and review them.

You naturally dazzle by using your strengths. And believe me, you deserve your own dazzle… which gets you closer to achieving RAZZLE Dazzle  😉

I had tea with a friend this week. We were talking about our respective business interests and activities and she just glowed when talking about referring to her strengths when she gets bogged down in work related frustrations and needs extra zip to keep going.

I took some time over the weekend to review my strength assessments!  (I’ve taken them all!) Goodness! I have so many strengths I haven’t been using! What a treasure to discover.

Frazzle to dazzle rides again!

The takeaway is…

When frazzled, look for ways to dazzle while getting the big things done by reviewing your observer self, taking dragon riding lessons which may mean you talk with a trusted friend or hire a coach and always let your strengths provide that extra zip needed.

You don’t have to wait for Independence Day to experience fireworks or say to your dazzling self…

Oh my… look at that!

Need help moving from frazzle to dazzle? Contact me. Let’s light up those fireworks!